• Accounting


    Accounting is often called the language of business, and accountants communicate in the form of preparing financial statements. Students learn accounting standards, bookkeeping and auditing, and business principles. Learn More »


  • Behavioral Sciences

    Behavioral Sociology (B.S.)

    The Behavioral Sciences study the wide variety of human behaviors and interactions. Sociology is the scientific study of society using research. Students specializing in this program prepare for graduate school and a variety of careers dependent on analysis and problem-solving related to human behavior. Learn More »

  • BioChemistry


    Biochemistry is the study of organic molecules with the goal of developing new biomaterials to address global problems, such as cures for diseases and new energy sources. The program prepares graduates to be well-trained, innovative and rigorous scientists, educators and medical school students. Learn More »

  • Biology

    Cellular and Mollecular (B.S.)

    Biology is the study of living organisms, a dynamic and wide-ranging discipline. This track explores life at a microscopic level and smaller. Graduates are prepared to be well-trained, innovative and rigorous scientists, educators and medical students. Learn More »

  • Biology

    Integrative & Organismal (B.S.)

    Biology is the study of living organisms, a dynamic and wide-ranging discipline. This track explores the systems and organization of living things. Student interested in pursuing a career in research, education and medicine may select this focus. Learn More »

  • Business Administration


    Emphasizing the fundamentals of general business management, course requirements include finance, economics, marketing and management. A 5th year MBA program is available to qualifying graduates. Learn More »


  • Communication

    Integrated Marketing (B.A.)

    Students learn concepts in both business and communication fields including sales, advertising, and consumer behavior. Learn More »

  • Communication

    Mass Media (B.A.)

    This degree program prepares students with skills and knowledge in the area of broadcasting, journalism, photography and video production. Learn More »

  • Criminology & Criminal Justice


    Criminology and Criminal Justice is the study of the judicial system and of criminal and deviant behavior. Students are prepared for entry into a number of career positions in criminal justice, law enforcement, and public safety, including positions at the federal, state and local level. It also prepares students for law school. Learn More »


  • Elementary Education


    Elementary Education (K-6) is a rewarding career for those who love helping children learn and excel. Our degree program emphasizes best practices, modern methods, fieldwork and service-learning. Hawaii licensing is recognized in 40 states. Learn More »

  • English


    The English Program nurtures students’ creative, critical, and analytical abilities with regard to poetry, fiction, drama and nonfiction. Students are prepared for graduate or professional studies and careers that demand a sound background in literary studies, analytic reading and writing skills. Learn More »

  • Environmental Studies


    The Environmental Studies degree responds to the growing need of society for conscientious, knowledgeable stewards of the environment. This major prepares students for careers in environmental service, including government and non-profit environmental organizations. Learn More »


  • Forensic Sciences


    The Forensic Sciences degree program teaches students the application of scientific principles in the investigation of crimes. The program features fieldwork and rigorous science coursework. Students are prepared for jobs as investigators, lab technicians, or further education in graduate studies and forensics specialization. Learn More »


  • Historical and Political Studies


    The Historical and Political Studies program is an interdisciplinary degree. These disciplines study and analyze the evolution of societies, governments, and institutions. This program prepares students for graduate studies, law school and careers in government and education. Learn More »

  • Humanities


    The Humanities major is an interdisciplinary program covering topics in history, literature, philosophy, religion, anthropology, and more. Humanities study in general prepares graduates for jobs that require an informed perspective as well as developed critical thinking and writing skills. Learn More »


  • Interior Design


    Interior design professionals are visionaries that draw upon trained artistic, technical, and interpersonal skills to create spaces that are efficient, safe and aesthetically pleasing. This degree prepares students for jobs in the field, post-graduate studies, and professional licensing. Learn More »

  • International Studies

    International Relations (B.A.)

    The International Studies program revolves around the study of contemporary global political, economic, and socio- cultural conditions. The program prepares students for graduate studies in the disciplines of Business, Economics, History, and Political Science. Learn More »

  • International Studies

    International Trade (B.A.)

    The International Trade concentration focuses on the study of global economics and finance. This program prepares students for graduate studies in such disciplines as Business and Economics and careers in companies engaged in global commerce and finance. Learn More »


  • Nursing


    The B.S.N. Program is a four-year, full-time degree program characterized by sophisticated simulated patient care experiences, informatics, genomics, and cultural competency. Graduates are prepared for work in a variety of health-care settings. Learn More »


  • Psychology


    Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behavior. Students are prepared for graduate studies in fields such as counseling psychology, as well as numerous careers in social services, business, medicine, education, and government. Learn More »


  • Religious Studies


    The Religious Studies program offers the student an in-depth reflection into the nature of religious experience and the workings of religious communities. Most graduates of the program teach in religious affiliated schools, have entered the seminary or have gone on to graduate school. Learn More »


  • Social Studies


    The Social Studies major prepares students to teach social studies in middle and secondary schools. Learn More »